Sunday, January 17, 2010

Turtle Tree

I'm so excited about this new painting. The colors mellow me right out and I think it has an Oriental feel to the composition. It's called "Turtle Tree" because the turtles love to sun themselves on this low hanging tree which barely skirts the water. Since this is just the initial block-in, you can expect several more posts of the painting in progress.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

"Storm Wave" is done!

"Storm Wave" 30x40" oil on canvas I worked mostly on the foreground which needed a little more defining. Added some lights on the tops of the waves and adjusted the height of part of the wave. I love the colors and wish I had a place to hang this to look at it every day. What I'll do, instead, is keep it on the easel downstairs until it gets replaced with the next work-in-progress. AND, I will enter it in a couple of juried shows and see if anyone bites. One of the shows is meant for working artists who've cut their teeth on lesser shows, but I figure I need to get my name out there and don't mind entering (and being rejected) until I do make it. It's all part of the process.