Saturday, June 28, 2008

You Can Copy and Learn

There actually is a time in your life when copying will actually help you learn. That is when you are copying a master painter, which is what I did today in conjunction with the Impressionism workshop I attended. I've actually copied this painting before, a year ago, when I was taking an acrylics class through UT Informal classes. It was using a whole different technique than what Cezanne used to paint the original, but I still remember feeling like I was learning something about how he painted by copying his brushstrokes. It happened again today. A year later, and using the same oil medium that Cezanne used (or close to it since science has definitely changed oil paints and mediums since then), I felt much the same as last year. I discovered that it's very possible that Cezanne has colors on his brush that mixed together on his palette just like I did. I enjoyed painting with energy and lightness in my short strokes. And the best part is that last year's painting is hanging on a friend's wall, but this one I get to keep! Woot!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ten Days Later...

"Canyon Waterfall"
Ten days later and I'm still blocking it in, but it's getting closer to what I want it to say. You can almost feel the anticipation of the youngster about to go over the falls in what I would guess is some cold, cold water.
After the blocking in, I get to work on all parts of it to bring it into harmony in value and color and tone. And I need to work on the perspective so that you can feel the depth.
My independent study teacher is so excited about this painting. He keeps saying, "It's got good bones!" and assures me that it will be a magical experience. He may even be more excited about it than I am, but then that's because I know how much learning and work I have ahead of me while he just has the joy of showing me the way. It's delicious torture.

Friday, June 13, 2008

And We're Off!!

"Waterfall Cavern" Quail Creek Canyon, Utah
Off on another painting adventure, we are, my paints and me. After much hemming and hawing and fussing and kvetching, soul searching and soul rending, I decided to do yet another landscape. Will I learn something new from it? Don't know. Will I have fun? That is an unqualified far.
I got in a good sketch and blocking in of the lights and darks that need little adjusting at this point. The next step...dun, dun, dun...are the spots of color that signify light, shadow, atmosphere, distance. I can hardly wait! And yet I've put off painting for two days now. Life gets in the way sometimes and if I want to make it in this career I'm entering into, Life is going to have to step off and let me paint! Ya hear that, Life? This is Connie talkin' to you! Better watch out or I'll get my brother to beat you up!
Phew! I can tell that it's time to paint, at least for sanity's sake if nothing else.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Got 'Er Done!

"Lake Austin View"

This painting was going to have another name, but I think the working title works. I can just have some artist notes that explain what was going on.

I just love that I painted a $4 million dollar view (that's how much the house cost that has this view) on a canvas someone was going to throw out.

I also love the frenetic texture underneath this placid landscape. They don't go together at all, creating an interesting tension that mimics my life so well.

Tension? Moi?