Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ready To Move On

Sami left for Paris today. She tours with her University group for about 5 days and then they all head to Lyon for 5 weeks of study and touring. To say that I'm jealous is an understatement, so I need to totally immerse myself in a painting to get back to my bliss.
This painting is getting there soon, and that means that I should be getting a new canvas and planning out my next painting. Bigass canvas for a big painting.
I have some inspirational material from the photos my bro, Joe, took on a few treks to Utah. I'm also thinking of checking with my other bro's uncle-in-law about setting up my easel a few days in a row overlooking the Llano river at his ranch. But, it's so hot right now that I wonder if I could stand to haul myself out there to do it. Then, there's the third option of painting something from photos that Sami will be sending home. We got a Blackberry International plan so she can email with us, which means she can send photos she takes with her Blackberry. Woot!
If I can't be there, painting what she's seen is the next best thing, right?
It's really weird that I was the one looking into a trip to Arles that's just finishing up right about now. It was a painting trip with a teacher whose work I just love. But, with a kid in college...
Kid graduates in 2 more years and then will hopefully get some sort of aid to attend grad. school, so maybe then Arles will be in the works for Frank and me. Maybe.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I had my mom visiting for a week, so no work got done until yesterday. I'm heading upstairs to work some more, but wanted to document the progress. It's been fun and reminds me of why I love landscape painting so much. I think the month of June is going to be dedicated to some large landscapes and *maybe* a figure or two. Brother Joe has provided me with a ton of inspiration material from Utah, so I'm stoked! Now I just need to find the funding for the large canvases I need to purchase. Anyone want to buy a painting?