Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ten Days Later...

"Canyon Waterfall"
Ten days later and I'm still blocking it in, but it's getting closer to what I want it to say. You can almost feel the anticipation of the youngster about to go over the falls in what I would guess is some cold, cold water.
After the blocking in, I get to work on all parts of it to bring it into harmony in value and color and tone. And I need to work on the perspective so that you can feel the depth.
My independent study teacher is so excited about this painting. He keeps saying, "It's got good bones!" and assures me that it will be a magical experience. He may even be more excited about it than I am, but then that's because I know how much learning and work I have ahead of me while he just has the joy of showing me the way. It's delicious torture.

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