Friday, June 13, 2008

And We're Off!!

"Waterfall Cavern" Quail Creek Canyon, Utah
Off on another painting adventure, we are, my paints and me. After much hemming and hawing and fussing and kvetching, soul searching and soul rending, I decided to do yet another landscape. Will I learn something new from it? Don't know. Will I have fun? That is an unqualified far.
I got in a good sketch and blocking in of the lights and darks that need little adjusting at this point. The next step...dun, dun, dun...are the spots of color that signify light, shadow, atmosphere, distance. I can hardly wait! And yet I've put off painting for two days now. Life gets in the way sometimes and if I want to make it in this career I'm entering into, Life is going to have to step off and let me paint! Ya hear that, Life? This is Connie talkin' to you! Better watch out or I'll get my brother to beat you up!
Phew! I can tell that it's time to paint, at least for sanity's sake if nothing else.

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