Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Down and Many More To Go

I had some great success concentrating on my painting Tuesday night at Noel Robbins' studio. I'm glad that I can tune out conversation around me and work well. Maybe that's what I needed last week when I was the only student!
I was able to pull together all the disparate spots and create the cohesion and finish that it needed. I feel satisfied that it's the best I can do. Sometimes that is where you land, sometimes you come out of it euphoric.
Then there's this other painting that I started to distract me from my misery. It's been fun putting on the initial bright colors and then going for various purplish grays (Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna) that made it really entertaining. But, color won out in the end and what had started as just a little bit of yellow ochre in the flower's middle, ended up a full blown change to the whole canvas. It's lost some of it's depth and the thing going on in the top left is very distracting and unexplainable. So, onward I go, learning so many things along the way that this is still considered a fun distraction.


Cathy said...

Thrill before the storm is awesome. You've really captured the excitement of the moment they're in. Very cool, Connie!

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

I've been liking the progression of the lines from the top downward from the first time I saw this flower painting. I realized just now that the lines recall the motion of a bird in flight, at the top with the wings up and out, then moving down some, and finally the downward motion on the bottom flower. So if I look from top to bottom and then back up, it's like a bird flying in slo-mo. I like that. :)

James Parker said...

Very nice, Connie, I like the style and simplicity. Also, the theme of progression and particularly the name of your blog...cute. I have been blog-hopping a lot lately, and it is amazing the quality art out there. Hope you'll visit Windows to the Words and participate