Wednesday, February 11, 2009


When I got up this morning, the sun was low in the morning sky but still very bright, shining its intense light all the way through the kitchen to the diningroom at the front of the house where this painting was sitting on the easel I have placed there to look at my work anytime I'm passing through.
I realized that the bright light really showed up the detail in the painting. I also realized that I should have better lights in the diningroom if I plan on using it as my space for viewing works in progress.

I read somewhere that you can show a lot more texture in your paintings and reduce some of the glare if you set your painting at an angle from the light. It is so wonderful to have a good, bright light from our Springtime sun shining at around noon to 2 p.m. now. Makes it much more convenient for me to photograph what I'm working on. I took photos at two different angles and chose this as the good one for showing the texture and giving it some depth. Digital photography flattens the image otherwise.

Next step is to put in some suggestion of leaves blown up against surfaces and maybe brighten the bike colors some more, because that is what prompted me to paint this picture in the first place.

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