Monday, March 02, 2009

I'm Hungry, So Let's Get This Over With!

As the heading says, I'm hungry and really just want to post the signed painting, so I'll keep my comments short. Issues with this painting were all about the background. Staying true to the friend's photo made the composition a little confusing and not all that dynamic. By bringing the lawn and fence across the left side, I think it provided cohesion. And the other problem, how to work the fence, got plenty of attention. Too light, too dark, too undefined, too warm, too cool. You name it, I dealt with it, haha! And now I'm very excited to contemplate a few more paintings. I want to do some small ones for my "Fearsome Foursome" gang of girls for when we meet up in San Antonio in about 3 weeks. That may get done, it may not, depending on how crazy life gets or if other paintings have to take precedence. Also, I'm excited about the possibility of using some photos Sami took at West Cave Preserve yesterday. There was a grotto, a cave and beautiful vistas. Really interesting subjects and, since my daughter has such a remarkable eye for getting the strong shot, I am really jazzed about using her work to further my own. We collaborate well! And now for some food. I've been photographing this painting, which is a bear because of all the texture. Then, working on the photographs to get the best one cropped, adjusting for the light. And I've been sort of dieting lately so always feel hungry. Three pounds doesn't sound like much but it's making me cranky! I needz mah chocolate!


Camille LaRue Olsen said...

It's gorgeous! You solved those problems well. You have earned some chocolate when the time comes! By the way I can tell you've lost 3 lbs. I noticed yesterday during class how tiny you look.

Connie said...

Thank you, Camille. I'm pleased with the response from Deanna (on Facebook) and am thrilled to give it to her tomorrow.
I know that teachers and professionals will tell you that giving away your work devalues it in the eyes of others, but I'm not in a position where that matters a great deal yet. This March 9th, I'll have been painting for 2 1/2 I'm halfway to my 5 year plan of learning and growing as a painter and professional.

BTW, I haven't actually *lost* the 3 lbs. It keeps finding me! But, the jeans fit a little better, so I'm still on track. Wearing all black tends to slim a person.