Thursday, December 02, 2010

Maverick's Color Transformation

Sweet Maverick looked just fine to me when I'd finished painting on Monday night, but there's a trick that too much exposure to bright light does to your eyes and your color perception which I only noticed the next afternoon. Maverick was purple! Yes, there are definitely shades of purple in his fur, in shadow, but I had taken it too far and didn't bring in the lights within the shadows which would have shown the warmer tones which make up his fur. So, Mr. Maverick got warmer yesterday and I had to leave the background for next week, as I'm pretty sure that I should be attending to house stuff and packing for my trip to Mom's frigid temperatures tomorrow. I really wish that I'd bought the knee length down puffer coat when it was on the sales rack at J. Crew last year. But, just like Texas in the summertime, when you just move from air conditioned house to air conditioned car to air conditioned buildings to survive the heat, I imagine that I'll be quite toasty most of the time going from heated house to heated car to heated buildings. And I won't go out and shovel her driveway for fun this year! Or maybe I will!

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