Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Third Time's The Charm

"Sami's Bouquet III" 16x20 "Sami's Bouquet II" 16x20 "Sami's Bouquet I" 16x20 I set myself the challenge of painting a bouquet and, believe me, it was a challenge! All those shapes and details confused my brain and I made a royal mess of it. Not only that, but I tried doing it with a brush and setting the bouquet at a level, under a lighting that did nothing for me, that the whole situation was just uninspiring. Lesson learned. So the very last effort was done in a looser arrangement (had to change vases as the bouquet aged), composed from a more contemporary angle and painted entirely with painter's knives...soooo much more enjoyable. And that, along with the exercise of painting flowers from life, was what I was looking for. I always want to express the joy I feel in creating art. It comes through most of the time, and I know that this joy is why the feedback I've been getting lately is about how I've inspired someone to take up their own creative endeavors. Secretly, folks, I get a bigger kick from hearing that than any compliment in the world.

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