Saturday, June 16, 2007

Birthday Fairy

My wish for the Birthday Fairy this year is actually a service. I'd like to get some prints made of my paintings. Well, that and a trip to Jerry's Artarama. My daughter tried telling me that "art is an expensive hobby". I put it in perspective for her...I'm an art STUDENT and we all know that education is expensive. And if I weren't studying art, I'd surely be spending lots on manicures and massages, Restylin and cosmetic dentistry. In fact, I believe I'm even SAVING money by being an art student and I have the added bonus of not caring if my hands are manicured or if I have something new to wear. What a relief. I think Farmer Batman and Samurai Penguin are done. I'll sign them tomorrow morning and get a photo before I pack them for shipping to the niece and nephew. I've learned that even the suggestion of subject matter can seem like a commission and that I don't like commissions. I've learned that I can paint a pretty good tractor, which I find encouraging enough to think about doing other vehicles. I've learned that you can't fight your style, even when it doesn't suit the subject matter. And, just this week, I've learned that I really hate the idea of someone wanting to buy one of my paintings. How bizarre is that? The more I paint, the odder I get. It's just a matter of time before you find me sitting on the bench in my front garden, yelling at kids to "get off my lawn!"

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