Friday, September 28, 2007

Hello Stranger

I think I may have been a little busy. Been paintin' and paintin' and learnin' and such. It's good to be back in a painting class. I learn so much faster when there's a teacher and I keep getting great teachers, so the brain is getting a workout for sure.
Recent paintings: Owl's Head Lighthouse and Crooked River, Oregon. Can you tell that I had so much more fun with Crooked River because it was an 18x24 canvas and I got to use huge brushes, as opposed to Owl's head Lighthouse which was 10x10. The small restrictions were a requirement of the Austin American Heart Association for their "Find Your Heart in Art" show and silent auction. The larger piece was from Phillip Wade's first class. I love the still life I did this past Monday, too. I'll get a shot of it one of these days.

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