Friday, October 05, 2007

Frank Calls This "The Pear Painting"

Frank loves the pear in this and that's how he refers to the painting. I find it extremely amusing that he can totally focus on what he likes and ignore the huge blue pitcher.

I love this painting and therefore will only work on the onion until it looks like an onion...seeing as I bought an onion just for that purpose today. Then, it's getting signed and varnished and a little hanger on the back to put up on the kitchen wall. My other still life (which I still have not photographed!) will go up on the wall, too. And I understand our last project, with the textured canvas, is called "The Big Pear", so will have a third still life for the kitchen walls. Yay!

But, right now I need some inspirational photos or pictures of landscapes for this coming Monday's landscape painting lesson. I'm fresh out of ideas and a little sick of seascapes. Send me your ideas pronto!

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