Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Big Pear

Our final painting for Phillip Wade's "Magnificent Acrylics" was a project on a textured canvas. He brought in all sorts of pears for us to paint or we could do a landscape. He thought that it would be a fun exercise to paint one huge pear, hence the name of the last project, "The Big Pear".

He was right, of course. It WAS fun! After a fashion. There was a point where I didn't like how muddy it had gotten, but what looked muddy close up, turned out to be kind of bronze when you step back...and I am most amazed at how sleek and rounded the pear looks even though it's painted on quite a rough surface.

Now my kitchen still life collection is complete. You didn't know that I was just painting to decorate my kitchen and art had nothing to do with the decision to do the Big Pear. Maybe it did a little, because it's the pears that I paint that Frank loves so much, so doing a Big Pear was something fun I could do for him.

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