Thursday, October 09, 2008

Almost Done

I just realized that I haven't updated Pierre in quite a while. It's oil on linen and the light bouncing off of the canvas and paint is driving me crazy. I need to search out a good photo editing tool to help with that.
Anyway. About Pierre et Ballon de is nearly done. When my painting instructor says that, I get a little heart flutter. But, when he says things like, "Have you considered contacting some galleries?", I get something more like heart palpitations. So, I'm thinking that "no" should be the answer for now. In fact, I've promised myself that I'll wait until after the first of the year so I can just concentrate on gallery paintings and getting faster and better at what I do. I just have this little feeling that some of the control that I feel now with selecting my subject matter and how I'm going to go about portraying it may get compromised by showing and selling. And if that doesn't change, it's very possible that the pace will! And I love going at my own pace, choosing to paint on whatever painting suits my mood that day, no deadlines or commitments. Just a little old hippy painter.
One thing I might want to change back on this painting is the highlight that was on his sock. Noel had me take it out because it didn't fit with the light, but I've analyzed it and realized that I needed to move the soccer ball a bit, so that the highlight makes sense. And I think the highlight is something worth fighting for. It gives definition to the area around his feet that I find important. I could be wrong, but it feels like the right plan.
I'll miss this little guy. Sami is going to give me his mother's email address and I'm going to send her a *good* photograph of this painting. It's my desire to give it to his family in thanks for having Sami there this summer, but I'd prefer to feel her out about it first. I find that sometimes people can be very weird about the gift of a painting. And this one, she'd be obligated to frame herself because I think shipping this to France, alone, will be pretty costly and bulky without a frame. I hope the offer is well met.

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