Thursday, October 23, 2008

My New Rug

I went upstairs to look at my painting and decided to photograph it while I was at it. So, now you can see my new rug! Not only is it pretty and cushy, but it doesn't bunch up and I haven't tripped over it at all! What a nice improvement from the floor mats that skidded all over the place. They're still under the rug, but the weight of the 5x8' rug keeps them in place. It was a bear to haul from the house, up the stairs and roll into place; my back reminded me of that yesterday.

Lots of palette knife work today. I doubt very many cactus leaves escaped paint today. It's becoming more cohesive in its form and style and hopefully nearing completion.

I was standing on a swivel stool to take this photo. I like to challenge my balance, I guess, because earlier this week I stood on a kitchen stool to hang a painting.

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MANPOLO said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing your work.