Tuesday, November 10, 2009

360 Bridge and Pond Update

Here's the latest on the 360 Bridge. I'm nearly ready to include cars...if I decide that that is what it needs. It could also have a boat being loaded on a trailer. We shall see. I don't think I'll work on this until I get back from visiting my mom. It's good to let paintings sit and percolate without the daily viewing that mine get, sitting in the dining room. This second one is a 12x12" that I started yesterday. It's of a small body of water, like a pond, near the waterfall at Devil's Watering Hole at Inks Lake State Park. I didn't get tight and define the rocks underneath the water, even though I was gaining my inspiration for the subject from a John Singer Sargent painting of a pond with underwater rocks. The format is too small for much detail with a knife.

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