Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Updates on Work

I am still working on the 360 Bridge, but this week is its last in my possession. I will add one more car to the bridge because it is bugging me to have all the focus on just the two. I'll paint the sides and then it's wiring and varnishing time and off to its new home. "Pond" is in its new home. It sold at the Maranda Pleasant Gallery Holiday Art Box Show on Saturday, December 5th. "Potholes" is hanging in the juried 12 Buy 12 Show at Austin Art Space and was used in the ad in the arts section of the December issue of Austin Monthly. It's the "Cool" issue, and that was my reaction when I saw that my piece was one of only 4 used in that ad. I have started and finished another painting in the 12x12 format. It's from my hubby's hike to Devil's Hole at Inks Lake State Park. There are tons of rocks, big boulders, so I didn't make the trek this year.The water was running like crazy after some great rainstorms this past Fall, which has been a rarity the past few years. Made for some great inspirational photos for me!

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