Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So Nice To Sign A Work

The title does not bely exactly the feelings I have when I sign a work. It's actually more like panic, haha! Like, am I sure I have no more to say with this painting? The panic usually gives way to a sense of completion but rarely is it one of glee or a state of celebration. I don't know why that is. When you finish a project, don't you immediately want to go out and celebrate? The signed piece is the "360 Bridge", 30x48" impasto oil on canvas. It was a commissioned piece and I keep wondering why he's content with the title since this bridge has been named Pennybacker Bridge. Perhaps, like me, he's used to calling it the 360 Bridge. Just like Town Lake is Town Lake and not Lady Bird Lake and MoPac is rarely referred to as Loop 1. Gotta love Austin for its ambiguity. I thought I'd include a photo of a work STILL in progress. "Storm Wave" is going slowly, but I don't mind since I'm enjoying painting large swaths of color with my palette knife and scraping off areas to reveal the color underneath. It's been nearly pure pleasure to do this one and I think I'll miss it most of all when it's done. When I sign it, I will KNOW that it's done because the canvas won't accept another bit of paint, haha! No, seriously, for some reason I just know that the next time I pick up a palette knife and work on this painting will be the last time as well. Time to move on and I can't wait to tackle the next one!

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