Thursday, January 06, 2011

Autumn in Reverse

Usually the leaves fall in Autumn. While painting this, I purposely chose not to put in all the branches and leaves right away, to leave room for background sky. So, now I've put in more branches and leaves. It's still mostly blocking in, but I do work all around the canvas and have been dealing with the trunk of the tree in more detail. What's really bugging me, at the moment, is the ground. The sunlight was so strong that the colors were more washed out, so I will have to tone down the saturation. Having a new computer and dealing with accessing photos stored on our external hard drive has been a pain, and a distraction, but I now have my photo editor installed and have figured out an extra step for storing photos, so I can crop photos again! I'd much rather that all that stuff was second nature and I could just paint, but this seems to be the month of learning new a new website! If y'all haven't checked it out, it's, hosted by Fine Art Studio Online. I may also be checking out their blogware and see if it's a little more user friendly for a person who can't figure out how to set paragraphs! I'm sure it's some little html symbol, but it's beyond me at present. So, that's why all of my thoughts run together...much like the title of this blog!

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