Friday, January 07, 2011

Technology Can Bite Me!

Oops! You caught me in a cranky moment. I am dealing with the new computer/external hard drive woes and can't wait for the procedure Frank is promising me where any photos I upload to my new computer will automatically be copied to the external hard drive. My editing software doesn't recognize the external hard drive, so I have to upload my photos to the desk top, edit them and then move the file to the external hard drive. Of course, now that I've written that, it occurs to me that it's not too many more steps and I should quit whining! Afterall, I have a new, superfast hard drive and updated editing software so life really isn't all that bad. Just...different. Speaking of different, can you spot the changes in this painting? My husband could and we all thought he was oblivious to my artwork. Just turns out that he needed better lighting in which to view it. So, thank goodness he tackled my "honey do" list this past December and finally installed my track lighting chandelier in the dining room where I have one spot trained on my easel which displays my work in progress. It's a great set up for me, because I can bring my painting down from the studio and let it sit in a spot light all night where I can view it from a couple of different vantage points and determine what needs work the next day. I may just put in 2-3 hours of painting a day, but am working the rest of the evening every time I walk through that space. Anyway, if you haven't figured out what has changed, the ground is a huge hint. It's mostly lighter, but I worked on all the shadows, too. Worked on some background and worked on the background leaves in the trees so that there's a bit of a feeling of depth there. And, I worked on most of the tree and tree limbs. Unfortunately, my editing software doesn't include photoshop, so I couldn't get rid of the glare on the lower tree limbs. I will have to rough them up a bit, with some thicker paint and a painter's knife which will cut down on the glare. I love how the colors in this painting are so harmonious with two other paintings I have in the dining room right now: Berkeley Bird of Paradise and Boat (

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