Saturday, November 06, 2010

360 Bridge II In Progress

I started the painting sketch of this bridge a month ago, knowing that I was going to be out of pocket for at least 3 weeks with Sami's move and then our camping trip. I'm glad that I did, because then it was so easy to step in and start the painting without worrying about the drawing. It's a big canvas (36x48), which will take a number of painting sessions, and I have a Christmas deadline so it was wise to get that early start. I worked on some of the water on Thursday and liked what I got, but then messed with it more after I had been working on the rest of the painting and am not so sure about the green-ness of it. I may go in with a red glaze and see if that brings some of the depth back. I wanted to get everything covered with paint for a good start and then bring in the bridge. Everything seems a little intense and sloppy (my usual beginning), but I think the strength of the bridge as focal point will work nicely to pull it all together. I'll, of course, work on the cloud and plant forms more, and there are plenty of other details to consider, too. We shall see.

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