Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Getting There

I left for Richmond last Wednesday and got home late Saturday night, gave myself a day of "rest" and then hit the studio yesterday for 4 1/2 hours. Initially, I had promised myself no longer than two hours and to just work on two areas, but it's always better if you keep all parts humming together, so that's what I did. Now it's singing a happy tune that sounds something like..."It's getting there...It's getting there...". When that's the case, it's often a good idea to let it sit and start on something entirely different. We'll see if I can resist the urge to get out a straight edge and work on some things that are wonky. I need to channel another song, "Let It Be", and move on to my doggy portrait. Maverick, the doggy in question, stands taller than me on his hind legs and is full of joi de vivre as is what I consider an inborne trait of Goldens. I am praying that I capture that in the portrait and have chosen my photos to work from with that in mind. Then, when that painting has to rest, I can get started on any one of 5 paintings I want to do from my trip to Richmond, Monticello, Carters Mountain Orchard, Williamsburg (where I didn't photograph a single building) and Newport News' mouth of the James River.

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