Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Am Not Going To Change A Thing...I'm Not!

As the title implies, I am having an interior dialogue concerning the tiny imperfections that catch my eye every time I see a photo of this (finished) piece. Thing is, when I look at the real deal on display in my dining room, I don't see anything that I want to change. So, I am using that as my gauge and taking it upstairs sometime today to sign it. Changes made to it on Sunday have convinced me that I need go no further. I greyed down the light on the bridge and brought more reflected light onto the sides. I reworked nearly all the foreground foliage and defined the treetops better in the background. I went over edges to get them as straight as possible, but with a painter's knife, there are ridges that can't be totally righted. It's just one of the fun imperfections, or looseness, that I find endearing about using a knife. I left the sky and the water alone, so now everything's dry and ready for varnish this weekend...after I sign it today. Champagne celebration!

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