Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Started work on the drawing of Maverick, the Golden Retriever, which is a Christmas present for a friend's hubby. He's a wonderfully goofy, rambunctious "teenager", which I have not fully captured in this drawing. I don't know why I have to do my sketches globally instead of starting with a contour sketch. Had I done the basic shapes and contours, I wouldn't now have a barrel chested Lab instead of the rangy Golden that he is. Ah well, at least I see it now instead of way down the road in the process. I'm thinking that I might use a brush a lot more in this painting. I don't see the need to suffer through trying to get everything right with a knife when I know I can get it right easily with a paintbrush. I know that folks like the texture that comes with a knife, so I will definitely work some of that in there and not entirely abandon the knife, but think that the lines of his body will respond better to the lyrical feel of a brush instead of the heavier spreading motion of a knife. All this talk of knives and spreading has me thinking of lunch!

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