Thursday, November 04, 2010

Plein Air Painting on a Campout

We had the most beautiful weather on our annual camping trip to Inks Lake State Park. Every day was clear and sunny, the shadows long because of the time of year. The lighting was dramatic on the landscape and made my eye very happy! However, since I wanted to be social with all our fellow campers, I needed to set up my easel on my campsite and work quickly. Well, one works quickly while painting en plein air anyway, because the light changes so fast. I chose the view from my campsite, the light in the reflection in the water under the log I found fascinating. I initially was only going to do the sketch and then go launch the boat and drive around the lake for a bit. Then, come back and put in the color that I knew would be there later in the day. But, my hubby was content to sit with a beer and hang out with our friends in the next site, so I just kept going and going. And used the painting knife. Friends would come over and watch over my shoulder, which I found a little embarrassing because my work always has a sloppy look to it when I'm working. It smooths out as I work the layers with the knife, so I think it looks okay now and definitely has the feel of how quickly I was working in that hour!

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